Light Up My World

Falling in love with the scent of a candle is a little like puppy love at first sniff. Taking care of your newfound favorite scent from the first spark ensures you’ll spend many aromatic hours cuddling and relaxing alongside your best furry friend. With our guide to lighting the right way, you can avoid many common mistakes that lead to your Worthy Bone candle not living its best life. 

Safety is Divine 

There's never a wrong time to light a Worthy Bone candle, and although it’s safe and non-toxic for the air our puppies breathe, it’s good practice to keep it well out of their reach when lit.

When choosing the right environment to light your candle keep in mind to avoid cold drafty areas, anything flammable, such as fabric and home decor and keep candles at least 3in apart from one another if you have multiple lit at once. 

Click here for more information on candle safety.

Light Right

Don’t burn so fast! To prevent uneven burns it’s important to trim your wick to a ⅛-¼ inch above the wax before you light up. Without this step, you may run the risk of the wax of your candle being unable to burn fast enough to keep up with your wick. This means that the wick absorbs the wax which creates a buildup of carbon particles at the tip forming a mushroom shape.

When your candle is all prepped and ready to go use our matches, specially designed with a longer handle for a clean and safe burn, to light the spark! Be sure to burn for at least 2 hours, especially the first time, so that the top layer of wax fully melts to avoid tunneling and even rings in wax and ensure proper burn for the life of your candle.

Sit back, cuddle your fur baby and enjoy the aromas (not coming from your pooch).


All About Balance

Our dream daily routine would be to relax with our fur baby by our side till the candlelight fades away but, like all good things, balance is key. We recommend burning for no more than 4 hours at a time to ensure the candle does not overheat and affect future lighting.

Blowing out your candle can result in excess smoke in your home so instead, we recommend using a snuffer to avoid any soot. Click here to shop accessories.

Prep for the Next Chill Sesh

While the wax is still malleable recenter the candle wick and re-trim. Remove any debris from the wick that may have fallen onto the wax surface and when the candle has fully set again, place the included dust cover to prevent dust buildup. If you happen to over-burn your candle, wait till it has fully cooled and wipe the sides of the glass with a damp cotton pad or paper towel to remove any soot.

Click here to learn more about what to do with your Worthy Bone candle once it’s reached the end of its wick. 
And if you prefer to avoid any fire hazard around your hyper pooch look into our decadent room sprays and how to use them around your furry friend!