Who We Are

We are a small team of multidisciplinary designers set out to revolutionize the dog industry and make a positive impact on the current dog culture. We have decided to launch The Worthy Bone as an Editorial Endeavour and introduce a new lifestyle concept beyond material purchases by taking risks and pushing the boundaries between art, design, and wellness.

Everything on our platform comes from an authentic place. We are continuously searching the market to curate natural, innovative products and pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality, safest and healthiest products worthy of your pets and collaborate exclusively with visionaries to bring our concepts to fruition. There are no limits to what you will find in our space, as the exclusive collections of lifestyle products we carry rule the spectrum from remarkable to outstanding. 

Our name speaks to the vision and the lifestyle we have designed for our own pets and prompts others  to redefine they way they shop for their best furriends by keeping their health and wellness in mind. We are inspired by the relationships between humans and dogs and consider it a true honor to be a part of their furry lives. We aim to capture memories, feelings, and all of the special moments shared in between. The Worthy Bone is an ode to the most important beings in our lives, who have taught us the art of living mindfully, in the present, and cherishing all of the moments in between.


We are dedicated to the wellbeing and integrity of our pets and only work with brands that we personally use and trust. We hold each of our brands to a very high standard and work with designers who meet our requirements on quality, innovation, aesthetics, wellness and vision. We want our customers to feel confident in every purchase decision and always make sure they are #worthyapproved before adding them to our platform. 

Welcome to a revolution where being a pet parent is a privilege and art form. We’re so excited you came!


 The Worthy Bone Team