The Pawfect Puppy Routine

Welcoming a puppy into your home is as exciting as it is challenging, and settling in can come with many surprises (like occasionally stepping in pee puddles) but with a pawfect routine and the right tools adjusting to pawrenthood is a breeze.

Check out our tips and tricks to create a tailored schedule with all the essentials your pup will need.


Setting up routines and developing habits can help to give a sense of comfort and reassurance for you and your puppy. While we can be as prepared as possible to anticipate the unexpected, a well thought out guide throughout the day helps us enjoy all the sweet little puppy moments. 

I. The Most Important Meals of the Day

Start developing your routine around your pups feeding times. Refer to your vets recommendation for the right quantity and frequency of meals and snacks. 

II. Nature’s Calling

Puppies aren’t the best at letting us know when they have to go so it’s great to have frequent potty breaks to avoid all the little accidents. 

III. No Work, Just Play

Make playtime a priority to bond with your fur baby and get them a bit of exercise to get the zoomies out. It’s great to plan to have a bit of playtime before naps. 

IV. Beauty Sleep

Puppies can sleep for up to 18 hours (absolutely jealous) so they need some quiet downtime. Scheduling naps and bedtime isn’t always easy and some pawrents prefer to let their pups sleep when they feel the need to.


The Pawfect Puppy Essentials 

The Worthy Bone
The Puppy Edit

Welcome puppy into your Worthy Home with style and class, and be prepared with essentials for every activity. 

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Big and Thick Pet Antibacterial Pet Wipes
An essential for every pawrent these wipes are perfect for quick clean ups. With a puppy it’s extremely important to be mindful of the dirt and bacteria they can bring indoors, so it’s best to wipe their paws and fur after they've been out.
Puppy Triple Pack
When you have a new puppy it’s not a rare to find a flip flop or a favorite pair of heels completely chewed up when you least expect it. These puppy
chew toys help encourage healthy chewing habits and keep your favorite items whole. 
Simply Pet
Eco-Friendly Puppy Training Pads 
Made from recycled materials, these puppy training pads by Simply Pet are suitable for any small or large dog, including puppies and adults. Its super absorbent core plus heavy duty liner offers all the protection you need from those unexpected accidents. 

Earth Rated
Dog Poop Bags

Made from a blend of PBAT and vegetable starches, these compostable poop bags are also leak proof, odor proof and tear proof. Earth Rated dogs also gives a share of their proceeds to support shelters and rescues. Win, win.

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Outward Hound
Puppy Smart Interactive Treat Puzzle Toy 

Nina Ottosson games and puzzles are perfect to challenge your puppy’s mind and senses. While humans use vision to navigate the world, dogs use their keen sense of smell to gather information, problem solve, and forage for food. This interactive toy will keep your pup entertained for at least 15 min! 

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