Worthy Approved: Travel Essentials

Travel smarter, not harder with our Labbvenn Fosser Mat. This versatile mat allows your dog to experience maximum comfort and relaxation at home or wherever your travels may take you. This lightweight material is perfectly stitched together using a quilted, non-woven, water-repellent fabric combined with a natural leather handle and filled with hypoallergenic pressure-resisting foam.
One of our personal travel favorites this water bottle comes with a coconut filter that absorbs impurities and removes residual chlorine, ensuring your pet is drinking clean every step of the way.
We recently discovered this travel bowl after many months of trial and error and we love it. These lightweight bowls are designed to fit into each other, store wet and dry food and come in a selection of very chic colors. The best part, is they are dishwasher AND microwave safe as well as leak-proof. You can't go wrong
 An essential for every pawrent. It's extremely important to be mindful of the dirt and bacteria our pets can bring indoors and especially while out traveling. These bio-based wipes are perfect for cleaning their paws and fur after a day of jet-setting. 
Rumi's favorite travel piece. The Fora Blanket will do wonders for frequent hotel travelers or road trippers. Pack the blanket away and lay it out for your best furriend once you've reached your destination. The blanket will keep your pet comforted, warm and happy for the duration of your stay.
Carry your favorite pet-friendly Worthy Scent to give your pet's space a quick refresh or to make a new space seem a little more like home. Perfect for hotel rooms, cars, and, of course, homes.
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