Outer material: 100% recycled polyester
Padding: 100% recycled polyester
Inner lining: 100% organic Cotton, 3% Elastane

Measurements (L x W):
* Weight specifications are rough guide values - they may vary depending on the proportions of the dog.

Ideal for dogs up to 30 lb.
19.6” x 29.5”in.
Ideal for dogs up to 66 lb.
27.5” x 43.3”in.

Leave enough space in the washing machine for the eco down to evolve. Add laundry balls to the machine to avoid any potential clotting of the eco down filling. Gently wash at max. 30°C & 600 rotations, using a mild or special down detergent. Do not use fabric conditioner. Shake several times after washing to loosen up the eco down filling and lay flat to dry.