5 Ways Dogs Say I Love You

Dogs are pretty much the greatest things to happen to humanity. We spend so much of our time talking to them, hugging them and kissing them but we still have one question. Do they love us back? The answer is yes. Because they can't actually say I love you, they show their affection for us in a number of different ways. Below are just a few of our favorites.

1. Licking

Kissing is the universal sign of affection. Studies have shown that when your dog licks you, he is displaying a show of love as well as letting you know they respect your authority.

2. Intense Eye Contact

It is said that when your dog stares at you they are hugging you with their eyes. In addition to the privilege of staring at those beautiful fuzzy faces, eye contact actually helps create a deeper bond with your dog? Prolonged eye contact means that your dog feels safe with you and that they respect you while at the same time flooding your brain with oxytocin, the same hormone that a mother's brain releases when she is bonding with her baby. Win, win.

3. Cuddling

Wanting to stay close to you is a sign of loyalty, protection and love whether you allow them to sleep on your bed or in your bedroom. Cuddling with your dog ( if you dont already) is the most delicious experience, highly recommended.

4. Excitement

Those of us who are dog parents know the pleasures of being overly welcomed when we  come home. They may jump all over us, lick us, wag their tails and even bring us toys. This display of behavior indicates that your dog missed you and expresses their joy in being reunited with their family.

5. Smiling 

Because dogs have such a high capacity for empathy and an extreme sense of emotional intelligence, it has been speculated that they can feel our emotions directly. That being said, when we smile, our dogs smile too. They actually use the same muscles as humans when expressing their emotions. So, pay a little more attention to your dog next time you're hanging out and see if you can catch that million dollar smile.