Amore Sentimentale

"A sentimentalist is one
who desires to have the luxury of an emotion
without paying for it."
- Oscar Wilde


Inspired by Sentimentalism, (a moral philosophy founded on the belief that individuals are able to form relationships because they can, by an effort of the imagination, understand one another’s feelings), Amore Sentimentale explores the emotional relationship between dogs and humans and celebrates the importance of such an unbreakable bond.

In this heartfelt tribute, Fine Art Photographer, Milda Bend, delicately prompted pet owners to look within themselves and express what being a pet parent truly means to them. Through her lens, Milda tells a breathtaking story of unbreakable bonds and everlasting love. She unveils the quirkiness that makes these creatures so beloved while combining an unerring sense of magic within the moment.

The photos were taken in Venice, Italy over the course of three months. Despite the covid pandemic, Milda was able to genuinely understand the intimate relationship, nonverbal communication, and individual personalities of her subjects while capturing the sweetest moments in-between. Each one of these deeply intimate and stunning portraits takes us on a profound journey that reminds us all of the great gifts of love our dogs bring us.

Complementing her work is a series of questions-and-answers, in which Milda shares how this project has changed her life personally and professionally. Her answers, while exceedingly thoughtful and introspective, are also amusing, fascinating, and moving.

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For the Worthy.