Dog Wellness is the New Luxury

There's no denying that the concept of wellness has profoundly transformed every industry within the past couple of years. The meaning of wellness has become more about indulging in experiences that promote well-being and sharing those experiences rather than owning the most expensive or latest products. We are moving towards a more holistic state of being, where one’s mental, physical and emotional health are in sync in order to lead a harmonious life, its called "living your best life". But what does this mean for our pets and how can we translate this lifestyle over to them?

We've  made it our mission to show you how and it all starts with the way you shop and the brands you buy products from. We know how overwhelming it can be to choose a product in such an oversaturated market, so we’ve put some tips together to help optimize your shopping and your pet’s life.

Do Your Research

Research the brands that you are interested in the most and decide if they align with your lifestyle. Pay attention to the product details such as where it was manufactured, materials used, ingredients, longevity and quality. It’s also nice to know if the brand work with charities or shelters.

Don’t Sacrifice Aesthetics

We all love impeccable home decor, but unfortunately most dog products on the market are made without considering this important factor. Stick to brands that design pet products with your home in mind. Focus on products that are thoroughly designed and match the aesthetic of your home or add a little something extra.

Practicality And Functionality Is Key

Let’s be real, we love our dogs but they do require a lot of attention and care. In order to make our lives easier on a day to day basis, it is best to choose products that are practical functional and suited to your lifestyle, especially during travel. Remember to choose products that are lightweight, fold easily, are water resistant and most of all provide an effortless experience alongside your pet. Happy dog, happy parent. Win, win.