Our Favorite Ways to Celebrate Dog Dads Day

Celebrate the pet parent in your life with a day full of dad-loving activities alongside your furry best friends and family. 
Whether they're a single dog dad, a loving dog grandfather or the fun adoptive dog uncle, Father's Day is the perfect opportunity to show every dog dad how much we appreciate them. 
Check out a few of our favorite ideas to celebrate dad the right way below.
A little morning US time
Start the morning with a workout. A walk to the park, a dual yoga session, or a jog around the neighborhood to start your day. Pack healthy snacks for the whole family and a picnic blanket to soak in the morning sunshine and set the tone for your day.
The Worthy Bone
Aspen Travel Mat
Cloud 7 proudly presents the sustainable Aspen Dog Mat, made with 100% recycled PET bottles. The soft, yet water-repellent material is ideal for indoor and outdoor use and offers our best friends a comfortable place to rest anytime and anywhere.
Throw a Bbq and Pool Party
Plan a BBQ with Dad's favorite meats, veggies, and drinks. Remember to also prep a small portion to cook for your best furriend separately so that they enjoy the experience too. Invite Dad's favorite friends over along with their furry friends and have a pool party if you have that option. Don't worry, Moms are welcome too.
MEATER Block | 2-Probe Premium Smart Meat Thermometer
Developed with state-of-the-art technology and a passion for mouth-watering, perfectly cooked food, Apption Labs designed MEATER Block for the home cook, pit-master, or pro to make overcooked meals a thing of the past.  Monitor your food temperatures remotely and receive an alert on your smartphone when your food is ready!
Relax and Vegg Out
What all Dads live for. Pull out all of your furriest blankets and your silkiest PJs and get ready to call it an early night while you digest your full bellies together. Play your favorite shows, turn on your favorite Worthy Bone candles and transform your space into a relaxing oasis for you and your dog.
The Worthy Bone
Home Is Where My Bone Is Pet-Friendly Candle
Home Is Where My Bone is an ode to our best furriends and the everlasting memories that are made alongside them within the comfort of our homes. Sophisticated notes of cassis, patchouli, and leather take you and your furry friend on an aromatic journey.
Fora Blanket
Rumi's favorite travel piece. The Fora Blanket will do wonders for frequent hotel travelers or road trippers. Pack the blanket away and lay it out for your best furriend once you've reached your destination. The blanket will keep your pet comforted, warm and happy for the duration of your stay.
Make an everlasting memory
It's so important to cherish every moment we spend with our pets as pawrents. One of the best ways to make an amazing memory with your pet last a lifetime is to cast your hands and paws together in clay or Papier-mâché mold. Write the year on the back so you never forget and take a picture together as well. Display it in your home as decor as a gentle reminder of the bond you share and just how much you are loved as a Dog Dad every day.
Luna Bean
Keepsake Casting Kit | DIY Plaster Statue Molding Kit
Luna Bean casting kits help you make special moments that last a lifetime. They're the perfect gift and DIY project all in one. The kits are a fun, easy, pet-friendly, and safe way to create incredibly detailed casts that you and your loved ones can enjoy for years to come.