Questions with a Worthy Muse: Kreacher and his Dog Dad, Raúl

This Father's Day we had the pleasure of interviewing Kreacher and his amazing Dog Dad, Raúl to celebrate the special bond between dog dad and son. We asked them 12 questions about their relationship, their lifestyle, and what inspires them the most.

Get to know this perfect dog-dad duo and read their amazing responses below.


 @hola.kreacher & @rlmgd
Q: Hola Kreacher! Let's start with the basics, where are you from and how did you meet your furrever soulmate?
A: I’m Italian but was born and raised by an adoring human in Southern California. Our love story is a little unconventional. We actually met at a Trader Joe’s parking lot. I know, not as fabulous as you’d expect huh? But I love my human. He took me in when nobody else would. You see… I was the last of my litter and nobody would choose me because of how fragile of a puppy I was and the kink on my tail. But my human saw beyond that and has adored me every day since. I’m so lucky!
Q: Tell us more about your unique name?
A: The human is fascinated by what is considered morbid and unusual. He didn’t want to give me a typical dog or human name. So he came up with “creature” which reminded him of “Kreacher,” a dark and mysterious character from his favorite childhood book, Harry Potter.
Q: What's your sun sign?
A: I'm a Scorpio ♏︎ I tend to be discreet, even secretive, with an air of mystery just like daddy. I am fearless, bold, passionate, creative, and fiercely loyal.

Q: You are such a natural in front of the camera, was it always this way?
A: Yes, dangle a delicious vegan treat in front of me and I’ll give you all the poses, no complaints. Well… of course, so long as I can devour a treat every now and again.
Q: What are your biggest style inspirations and influences?
A: My human’s aesthetic has really rubbed off on me. What I think of when creating or introducing anything new into my life is bold, minimalism, and rock n’ roll.
Q: What are some words that you live by/ What is your philosophy on life?
A: Be happy, you deserve it.
Q: What does a day in the life of Kreature look like?
A: When I’m not being followed by the puparazzi (lol) I like to enjoy a day at home snuggled up under a blanket, taking long walks and long naps, zippin’ and zoomin’ in the backyard and cuddling with the human.
Q: What is your favorite indulgence/guilty pleasure?
A: I don’t believe in feeling guilt for enjoying pleasure. But I must say, that I do indulge in daytime sleeping. By 3 pm I’m already on my 5th nap of the day. It’s definitely an unrestrained pleasure.
Q: Who are your current favorite artists (design, photography, art)?
A: Oh my gosh! so many. The top 3 would be Martín Margiela, Robert Mapplethorpe, and William Wegman
Q: Do you have advice for aspiring Worthy Muses?
A: Yes! It’s simple, just be unapologetically and authentically yourself.
Q: Hola Raúl! What is your favorite aspect of your dog-son and describe what he means to you?
A: My favorite thing about my doggo is that he is very loving and affectionate. I love the way he loves, it’s so inspiring. I wished humankind could love as strongly and honestly as a dog… imagine how incredible this world would be. He gives me hope in humanity and shines a light on the fact that creatures are innately kind.
Q: Who are your biggest dog-son and dad influences/inspirations?
A: There are three dog-child and parent relationships that I see myself in: Picasso and Lump, Warhol and Archie, & Frida Kahlo and Mr. Xolotl. Not only did they lead creative/artistic lives but I admire the relationships they held with their beloved dog-children.
Q: What is the most challenging/rewarding part of having such a special dog-son and dad relationship?
A: The most challenging part would be explaining to everyone that although he is not an actual baby…. he IS and will always be MY baby.